For those who like questions


Lets get some specs out of the way first:

Block time: 120 seconds

Emission speed: 20

Decimal point: 12

Address Prefix: foUr

Hashing Algo: Cryptonight-v8

Total Supply: 18.3 Million Coins (roughly)

Forced Mixin Count: 11

Now with the FAQ!

What is 42?

42 is a cryptocurrency mostly for fun (and in the name of science?) that allows you to make anonymous transactions to anyone you wish.

42 uses Ring Signatures and one time keys to achieve this anonymity, which you can read more about here.

So...this is a joke coin?

Not exactly, we (aka I aka system aka dog) are serious about development and have a variety of ideas we want to implement into 42 to make it inherently useful and different from other Cryptonote coins.

Is there an ICO/Presale?

No. We despise ICOs. Don't mention ICOs around us.

Can I make a profit with 42?

I don't know. Probably not. Profit isn't kept in mind in the development of 42 so have fun with that.

Is 42 an Ethereum token?

Are you braindead?

Will you guy's ever do airdrops? I'm poor and can't afford to buy or mine 42.

Tough luck bud, no airdrops here. I can't pay rent on time 85% of the time but you don't see me begging for airdrops. Again - this project is not for profit.

Can I mine 42?

Yup. Here is a guide on our Github wiki on how to go about doing it.

Can I use my Cryptonote ASIC on 42?

You know the multiverse theory right? There are infinite universes out there.

Yet in each and every single one there is a 0% chance you will ever be able to use an ASIC on this coin. Fuck ASICs.

Why are you so mean?

Because you make me angery >:(

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