The Answer To Life, The Universe, And Everything.

What is 42?

42 is a decentralized, cryptographically secured currency that's easy to use and completely anonymous. No one, except for you, knows your transaction history. Neat, huh?

42 can be sent to just about anyone with a 42 wallet, you could send money to your neighbor, your boss, or that guy down the street that has "interesting" artifacts.

42 is fast, efficent, and most importantly, fun!

Transactions on the 42 blockchain confirm in only 120 seconds , and transfers have a forced mixin size of 11 . That means not even Bill Murray can view your transfer history!

That's all fine and dandy...but what's the point of 42?

I'm glad you asked, rather than bloat the home page with all that, you can read information about that and other things in our FAQ

How to particpate in the 42 Project?

There are many ways to help improve the 42 Project, which you can read more about on our community page.

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